The soldiers from (2RGR) will be equipped with Talaria Stings off-road electric bikes during Exercise Wessex Storm

POSTED 19.06.2023

Exciting News! The soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles (2RGR) will be equipped with Talaria Stings off-road electric bikes during Exercise Wessex Storm. Urban Moto, the official distributors for Talaria, can provide advanced electric bikes for military & civil services. 

A soldier from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment has taken the initiative to train the soldiers from 2RGR on the effective utilisation of the Talaria off-road electric bikes. With their light, portable, and silent features, these bikes offer numerous practical applications for the battlegroup. 

The Talaria Stings electric bike boasts interchangeable batteries, providing a range of up to 63 miles and a top speed more than 47mph. This versatility allows the e-bikes to be employed in a wide range of situations, enabling soldiers to accomplish multiple tasks swiftly and efficiently while maintaining silence on the battlefield. 

Exercise Wessex Storm aims to validate 2nd Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles for TL FOXTROT, enabling them to achieve a state of high readiness for their assumption of Air Manoeuvre Battle Group 1 (AMBG1). Simultaneously, 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish is undergoing validation for the Light Recce Strike (LRS) Concept of Employment (CONEMP) as part of their path to achieve LRS FOC by 2025. 

The exercise presents a valuable opportunity for the British Army to showcase its ‘Future Soldier’ concept, highlighting agile adaptation and the seamless integration of air-land operations. As the land component of the UK’s Global Response Force, 16 Air Assault Brigade will demonstrate its vital role in ensuring national security and rapid response capabilities. 

The inclusion of Talaria Stings electric bikes in Exercise Wessex Storm demonstrates the British Army’s commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency. 

For more information about Talaria Stings and Urban Moto, please visit https://talariabike.co.uk/  

About Urban Moto 

Urban Moto is a leading distributor of advanced electric bikes. Committed to providing innovative and sustainable transportation options, Urban Moto partners with renowned manufacturers such as Talaria & Apollo RFN to deliver high-performance electric bikes that meet the diverse needs of individuals and organisations.

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